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Your Neighborhood Lawn Service February Specials

Our Goal: To Keep customers for life

Crape Myrtle Special

Buy your Crape Myrtle pruning now and get 10% off.

We prune these magnificent Crape Myrtle trees in accordance with the guidelines of Mississippi State University Extension Center see link below.

Crape Myrtle Pruning
  • Services are purchased in advance to allow us to schedule the work and optimize the route process for maximum efficiency- hence passing the savings to you.
  • Pricing includes hauling debris to dump.
  • Services will be scheduled between the weeks of February 26th through March 3rd Want to be in the know?
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    Sale ends February 21st.

    After purchase, Pay Pal will notify us with your contact information, someone from Your Neighborhood Lawn Service will get in touch with you to confirm payment and to explain the scheduling processs.
    OR you can call us at 407 921 4497. THANK YOU

    Shopping cart allows you to purchase multiple items, so make sure you have the correct number and sizes and number of trunks.

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    4" trunk Reg $40.00 | 5" trunk Reg $59.40 | 6" trunk Reg $79.20 | 7" trunk Reg $99.00 | 8" trunk Reg $118.50

    Buy Now !

    Crape Myrtle Pruning

    Now accepting Applications