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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my lawn be mowed?

The correct or "test" answer would be 1/3 inch of the height of the grass being cut.

But the reality is, if your lawn is a thick carpet type grass like St Augustine in the central to south Florida regions, your lawn will most likely need cut once a week from March to October then every two weeks during the colder months.

If your lawn is a mixture of grasses or thin blades you may get away with cutting it once every two weeks.

Another factor involved are sprinkler systems . If you use your sprinkler system on a regular basis you may need to mow the thinner grass types every week just like the St. Augustine.

Bottom line is not every lawn is the same that's why we have different Service plans to choose from.

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Do you offer a one time mow?

Sorry we do not.

It is just too difficult to manage and schedule those types of jobs.

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Do you mow the lawn if it rains?


It depends on the amount of rainfall.

A typical Central Florida rain storm lasts what 5 maybe 10 minutes.
That amount of rain is normally not enough to make the ground so wet the equipment will sink and make ruts.

If it does rain enough to saturate the ground we will not mow that property that day. we will come back the next day or day after that if need be until it is dry enough to perform maintenance.

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What happens if you run out of time to get to my property on the scheduled day?

Good Question.

When unforeseen circumstances arise and we run out of time to service all our clients scheduled for a particular day, what ever properties are left undone will be carried over to the next working day.

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Why do you have your customers pay in advance?

Excellent question. Before the 1980's you could pump gas THEN pay for it?
BUT unfortunately there was enough people that would fill their gas tanks and would drive off without paying so gas station owners had to change their policy - pay then pump.-

In the Summer of 2012 after losing thousands of dollars to people who were not paying for their lawn service ..we had enough.
And that's why we have the policy of paying up front.

Our experience is the people that have difficulty with this concept are the ones we have difficulty collecting from.

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I am afraid if I pay first you won't show up to work.

We are a well established, reputable lawn service company, members of BBB listed in directories all over the internet, active in Social Media like Twitter, Facebook,LinkIn etc. and active in our local communities.

We have an incredible reputation through the internet and in our communities.

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Why don't you have a pay as you go service?

It is just too difficult to manage our time, payroll and personnel to run a pay as you go company.

Our Service plans cover just about every need possible for any property.

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Do you cut bushes / shrubs outside the regular maintenance selections?

Not usually.

And the reason is people not on a regular maintenance schedule will let their shrubs and bushes get so long and out of control it ends up being more of a project, taking more time than estimated, which is not fair to the other property owners scheduled for that day.

The longer the branches are allowed to grow the thicker and harder they are to cut, and anyway this is not a healthy practice for your plants.

BUT if you have overgrown wild looking shrubs / bushes that you want to get back into a regular maintenance we will accommodate that request.

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